Business Internet

Give your business the speed and reliability of business-class internet, powered by a team you know and trust. Conway Corp Business Internet offers blazing-fast high-speed internet solutions to help your team perform at an optimal level, with multiple plans to fit your business and budget. From processing credit card transactions, to emailing customers, to transmitting large files, we can help.

Business Internet Plans

Business Internet

Up to 8 Mbps Downstream
and 5 Mbps Upstream


Business Broadband 30

Up to 30 Mbps Downstream
and 10 Mbps Upstream


Business Broadband 100

Up to 100 Mbps Downstream
and 15 Mbps Upstream


Business Broadband 500

Up to 500 Mbps Downstream
and 50 Mbps Upstream


Business Fiber

varies by location

Business internet service requires an active Conway Corp broadband connection to your location. Conway Corp recommends a minimum of a DOCSIS 3.1 or 32 channel modem. These modems may be leased or purchased from Conway Corp or provided by the customer. All speeds are listed as best effort and are not guaranteed.

Service Hardware Minimum Requirements:
Business Internet & Business Broadband 30 – Docsis 3.0 modem (4 channel)
Business Broadband 100 – Docsis 3.0 modem (16 channel)
Business Broadband 500 – Docsis 3.0 modem (32 channel)

The following will function with Conway Corp internet; however, they will reduce or eliminate Conway Corp’s ability to provide support: a non-Apple or Microsoft based operating system, a software or hardware based proxy or firewall server, cable splitters, non-supported routers, switches and hubs.

Conway Corp will guarantee a purchased modem for 90 days from time of purchase. Manufacturer’s warranty will apply following 30-day guarantee.

Internet charges are billed in advance. The first billing will include Pro Rata Charges from the date of installation, installation charges and charges for the coming month. All rates posted are representations of the approved rates. Any discrepancy between those posted on the website and actual approved rate documents will be resolved in favor of the approved rate documents.