FAQs & Troubleshooting

Looking for help with your Conway Corporation services? Find answers to frequently asked questions and more below. If you need additional assistance, please contact one of our customer care specialists at 501-450-6000. We have technical support available 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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How do I set up my Conway Corp email?

Click here for email setup instructions.

Customers must have previously created an email account. Conway Corp no longer offers email addresses.

How do I get started?

First, fill out the Preliminary Interconnection Review Request form at least 60 days prior to construction. Forms should be emailed to solar@conwaycorp.com.

Does Conway Corp credit one-to-one for my solar generation?

Conway Corp will give customers 100 percent credit for the value of the kilowatt hours generated by the net-metering facility and fed back to Conway Corp during the billing period. If these kilowatt hours are less than the energy supplied to the customer by Conway Corp, the customer will be billed for the net difference at then current electric rates.

If these kilowatt hours are more than the energy supplied by Conway Corp, the customer will not receive any compensation for the net excess generation during the billing period but shall be credited with the accumulated net excess generation, if any, in the next billing period.

There are a few instances in which the customer can receive compensation for net excess generation:

  • Net excess generation credits are older than 24 months and the value is at least $100
  • The customer ceases to be a customer of Conway Corp
  • The customer ceases to operate the net-metering facility
  • The customer transfers the net-metering facility to another person

Conway Corp will compensate the customer at our avoided cost which is the weighted average annual cost of wholesale energy for the preceding twelve months.

Do my solar generation credits go toward my entire Conway Corp bill?

No. Solar generation credits are only applied to your electric usage and cannot be used for water or telecommunication services. Any unused credits will roll over to electric usage the following month.

My system is designed to offset my usage. Why is my bill so high?

Your energy usage and the amount of solar power generated fluctuates with the season. The solar will work best in the spring which coincides with the time of year when your energy usage is typically lower due to the milder temperatures of the season. In the spring, the amount of solar power you send back to the grid may be higher than what you use from the grid.

In the summer, your solar performance will continue, but your energy usage will likely increase due to air conditioning use during the heat of the summer. In the fall and winter, solar performance will decline due to overcast weather, and if you use electric heat, your usage may increase in the cold of the winter. When this happens, the amount of excess energy delivered to the grid is reduced because you are consuming more of the solar energy you are generating.

I generated more electricity than I used. Why is my bill not $0?

Your solar monitoring app shows the total amount of solar energy generated by your system. However, your electric bill only shows the excess solar that goes back to the grid during that billing period. Any kWh generated and used in the same month will not show on your monthly statement.

Will I still have a Conway Corp electricity bill each month if I install solar?

Yes, you will always receive a bill for electric services. At a minimum, a customer charge plus any other fees will be billed every month. Additionally, most solar customers do not offset all of their grid usage every month and continue to pay for electricity from Conway Corp.

Can a customer transfer solar credits between accounts?

No. Credits are non-transferrable.

How will my bill be calculated if I have net metering?

Energy generated by a customer’s solar panels is applied to the customer’s total monthly bill. Conway Corp will credit any excess energy produced and apply it to the next billing period. When the account is closed, Conway Corp will purchase excess credits at avoided cost.