FAQs & Troubleshooting

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What is the maximum WiFi speed of a SuperPod?

For real-world single device maximum speeds on a SuperPod one hop away from the gateway pod, you can expect up to 400-450 Mbps. Maximum device WiFi speed is dependent on several factors such as:

  • Internet connection speed
  • Overall network traffic
  • Number and type of hops to the gateway pod
  • Type of network application
  • Environmental radio interference and signal strength of the connections
  • WiFi capabilities of the connected device
Green blinking LED on the Pod could mean the following:

Quick, repeating Double blinks – Pod is waiting for optimization to finish: You will also see “Optimizing your network” message in the app as well. Optimizations usually take a 2-3 minutes, depending on how many pods are connected. Optimizations can be triggered by a change in your environment such as high levels of interference, but will also happen overnight and immediately after initial setup.

Quick Double blinks – Pod is being named: If you are in the process of naming this pod by scanning the pod.

Green slow continuous pulse/breathing (dim to bright) – Pod is trying to connect with the cloud and depending on the circumstances could mean the following:

This is normal before adding the pod to your account, the slow pulse will continue until the pod is added to the account and establishes a connection to the cloud.

The pod has lost connection to the rest of your network, which could be a result of extremely poor signal to other pods, especially if the other pods are still online and you have not received a lost internet connectivity notification.

Internet connectivity is lost. This is will be followed by a “Network is offline” notification. Try the app Self-Help tool to see if that fixes the problem.

If you can’t see all the pods being claimed in your Plume® App and if you see a slow LED pulsing on the pod at the same time, contact Conway Corp support for assistance.

Red rapid continuous blinking – There may be an issue with the onboard software. Contact Conway Corp support for assistance.

Red slow continuous blinking – Possible fan failure. Contact Conway Corp support for assistance.

What does the LED light on my pod mean?

When initially plugging in any pod, the light should always turn solid for a moment, and then the LED will slowly pulse while it is trying to connect to the cloud. Once connected, the LED will then turn off. If there is no light at all when first plugging in the pod, check your outlet to ensure it has power. If the outlet is okay there may be something wrong with the pod.

To setup or manage your Wi-Fi security in the Plume App:
  1. Touch the Menu button on the main screen.
  2. Touch the Guard™ icon on top right.
  3. Enable the security features you want:
    1. Online Protection – activates real-time protection against ransomware, malware, and more.
    2. Advanced IoT Protection™ – protects your network and connected devices against hackers and cyber criminals.
    3. Adblocking – blocks loading of web and video ads.
  4. Touch Manage Security Events to see blocked content and threats.
To set Parental Controls for a Person/Profile in the Plume App:
  1. Touch the People/Profile button on the main screen.
  2. Select the profile you would like to manage.
  3. Scroll down to the Online Content Experience.
  4. Select Content Access preference:
    1. No Limits – set by default
    2. Kid Appropriate – G rated content
    3. Teenager Friendly – PG-13 content
    4. No Adult Content – blocks sensitive content only appropriate for adults
  5. To approve or block a website, or view sites blocked by content filters, touch Manage Security Events.
To Create Profiles in the Plume App:
  1. Touch the People / Profile button on the main screen.
  2. Touch the circle in the middle of the main screen to add a new person.
  3. Enter a name or nickname for the profile
  4. Assign devices on your network to that profile. Touch the green checkmark at the top right corner of the screen to save.
  5. Setup primary device – optional
    1. Touch Profile to open
    2. Touch Select Primary device
How do parental controls work?

ConwayCorp Managed WiFi allows you to set up parental controls on a person, an individual device or even a whole location.

How many SuperPods do I need for my home?

Two SuperPods are perfect for single-story, three-bedroom homes. Larger homes may need additional SuperPods to cover additional bedrooms and stories while smaller homes and apartments might only need one SuperPod. Our certified technicians will survey your home during installation and make the appropriate recommendation.

What is Plume?

Plume is our technology partner in bringing Conway Corp WiFi to our customers. We chose them because their cutting-edge software and hardware provide a home WiFi experience that is miles ahead of anything else available today.