Water and Wastewater

How far will we go to provide clean, quality water for Conway? More than 390 miles, for starters.

That’s the amount of piping in our distribution system – along with around 6,100 valves, more than 2,600 hydrants and more than 25,000 meters. It all equals excellent water and services for our customers, available at the lowest possible cost.



By The Numbers

  • The city’s water source is Brewer Lake, a 28,900 acre-feet lake located near Plumerville. 
  • Water from the lake is treated at the Roger Q Mills Water Treatment Plant, which has a 24 million gallon daily capacity.
  • Our wastewater system is maintained through Tucker Creek and the Tupelo Bayou wastewater treatment facilities, with a combined daily capacity of 22.4 million gallons.